High Productivity Metal Printer

STLR400, amace

20 days lead time reduction
Material: IN625

Faster development

AM does not need specific tooling or casting. Any design may be produced in a short period of time from a cost-effective perspective.

30% weight reduction
Material: AlSi10Mg

Light Weight

AM enables the design and manufacturing of highly stable lightweight structures that cannot be produced using conventional technologies.

50% increase in flow efficiency
Material: 18Ni300

Produce complex geometries

Internal channels for conformal cooling, hidden features, thin walls and lattice structures are only possible in AM.

Key Features of STLR-400

Large Build Volume of 410mm x 410mm x 450mm
  • STLR-400 allows large-sized or high-volume components to be printed
  • Increased flexibility of jobs that can be done
  • Ability to print variable layer thickness
Dual 1000W Lasers
  • Powered by 2 x 1000W lasers with full scan field, functioning independently of each other.
  • Offers high productivity while giving the option of working with a wider range of materials.
  • Exceptional precision and high positional accuracy with superior beam spot quality.
Smart and Intuitive Control
  • Machine controller provides smart notifications about the performance status.
  • Predictive interface to help users gauge potential failures and take necessary actions.
  • Internet ready machine. Can be controlled from any remote location.
Powder Management and Control
  • Smart powder management system monitors the powder levels continuously and dynamically predicts the powder required to complete the print job in real-time.
  • Fast powder extraction system from the build chamber, ensures machine is ready for the next print job in minutes.
Multi-Blade Re-coater
  • Patented multi-blade recoating system ensures a uniform distribution of powder during the build.
  • Minimum downtime in the event of a part defect requiring a changeover of the blade.
High Productivity Printing
  • In-house development of high productivity printing technique allowing parts to be produced at a higher rate - VoluMeltTM.
  • Enables faster completion of the printing process and makes it cost-effective.

Technical Specifications

Build Envelope 410mm x 410mm x 450mm
Laser Power 2 x 1000W Yb- fiber laser
Scanning Speed Up to 9m/s
Layer Thickness 30 to 100μm
Beam focus diameter 80μm to 120μm
Re-coater type High durability soft bi-directional multi blade re-coater
Preparation Software Materalise Magics RP with cutomised amace build processer
Dimensions 3200mm (W) x 2400mm (D) x 3200mm(H)
Power Supply 440V – 50Hz (3 Phase)