Selective Laser Melting Technology (FAQs)

What is SLM Technology?

SLM (Selective Laser Melting) is in a powder bed fusion additive manufacturing method specially developed for 3D Printing metal alloys. It creates parts additively by fusing metal powder particles together in a full melting process. The metal part will be created layer by layer, according to the 3D model.

What is the accuracy of SLM process?

Plus or minus 0.15 mm

What machine do you use to produce parts?

We use SLM Solutions 280 machine

How many lasers are there in your machine?

We have dual fibre high power laser system (400W) for better productivity.

How does the SLM process take place?

A thin layer of metal powder is applied. Layer thickness can be between 30 to 60 microns. The high-performance laser melts the metal powder selectively in places where the component is to be created. The process is repeated until all layers of the component have been produced.

What is achievable wall thickness?

We can achieve wall thickness of around 100 microns and above for most metals.

What is the build volume dimensions?

Build plate dimensions are: 280mm x 280mm x 360mm (L x B x H)

What are the materials currently being printed?

We are able to print alloys of: 1. Aluminium: AlSi10Mg 2. Stainless Steels: SS316L, SS310, 15-5PH, 17-4PH, 3. Maraging Steel: 1.2079 (18Ni300) 4. Tool Steel: H13 5. Titanium: Ti6Al4V 6. Inconel: IN718, IN625

What is the Surface finish achievable?

As printed the surface finish is 5Ra – 7Ra. This may vary based on the layer thickness and the parameter used.

What is the density of parts?

We can fuse metallic powders to produce near net shape parts with full density of upto 99%