Aerospace & Defence

The most matured market in utilisation of additive manufacturing techniques is the Aerospace & Defence sectors upgrading from prototyping to productionising the process. It is believed that Aero companies are willing to pay up to €1,000 to reduce 1 kg of weight from the aircraft and for space projects this value can go up to €10,000. Light

Die & Mould

One of the biggest advantages of AM techniques in the manufacture of toolings is the ability to create conformal cooling holes. The heat generated from the moulding process has a detrimental effect on the life of the tooling and on the quality of the moulded part. However, conformal cooling allows holes to be created which follows the shape

General Engineering

Some of the other popular applications in engineering include manifolds, turbine blades with internal cooling holes, complex oil channels, valves, waveguides, etc. Since the quantity in this industry is comparatively lesser and since parts with higher complexity can be designed and produced, manufacturing through AM techniques may be more


The automotive industry has been leveraging on additive manufacturing through rapid prototyping for faster design and validation of new products for some time. From crankshafts, oil pans, cylinder heads, crankcase to manifolds, AM solutions are being applied to design and manufacture many automotive parts especially prototypes. Currently,